Software Downloads

Access the Dropbox for configuration software tools, product pinouts, user handbooks & wiring information.

Latest EFI Technology ECT software

  • EFISoftwareInstaller_latest_4.12.741.0
  • Setup_ECT_4.12.741.0
  • EFI_Technology_Drivers-
  • PseudoProgrammer-
  • Setup_ECUCommServer_2.15.2.3
  • Setup_ECU_Logger_2.7.2.0
  • ECT Quick Guide 2.0

For new installations please download and run ‘EFISoftwareInstaller_latest’

*Online Help Handbook can be accessed from within ECT software by clicking on the blue question mark; Online Documentation.

** Indivdual software modules included seperate from complete installer for focused updates if required.    

*** For use with ECU versions Euro2-v50, Euro4-v321, Euro5-v36, Euro8-v230, Euro12 (New) v40 and above.

**** Contact us for specific ECU datafile versions (.xip)

Legacy EFI Technology ECT Mod software

  • ECT MOD 3723

* For new installations please download and run all files in the above .zip
** For use with previous ECU versions: Euro1, Euro96, Euro4 (v320 & lower) Euro6, Euro12 (1st Gen).
*** Contact us for ECU datafiles (.edt / .usr / .dev folders)

Latest OBR PCM2 /PCM2-AC software

  • PCM2_v1_47
  • PCM2 Handbook version 147_MSP_V28_V270

* Contact us for previous PCM2 versions, OBR PCM (1st generation) software.

Latest OBR CAN MSP/SWC (OBR1000) software

  • MSP 2.9

* Contact us for previous & legacy generation MSP versions.

**For MSP handbook see PCM2 Handbook version 147_MSP_V28_V270

EFI ECU pinout & wiring loom documentation

  • All EFI ECU pinouts (including discontinued units).
  • OBR user handbooks.
  • Universal dyno loom wiring schematics.


  • Latest CAN Export documents for the entrie range.
  • Standard Data exports for intergration with data systems.