Parts Brands

We supply and service a wide range of specialist motorsports parts like sensors, switch panels, and wiring looms from some globally recognised brands

EFI Technology Engine Management Units

EFI Technology S.r.l. is an OEM approved supplier of high tech engine management units (ECU) and automotive vehicle control systems based in Bologna, Italy. The company was originally founded by Piero Campi in the late 1980’s.

Their experience and high level resources allows Longman Racing Ltd to provide a wide range of management solutions for both motorsport and automotive development purposes. Modern or classic engines normally aspirated or forced induction, port fuel injection or direct injection.

OBR Products – Switch Panels

OBR are specialist pioneers in cutting edge power management systems (known as PDM, PDU, or PCMs), innovative CAN bus control units and membrane switch panels (MSPs).

Longman Racing Ltd has had a long history with OBR Inc dating back to the late 1990’s, starting with Richard’s engine development work and latterly with Michael being employed by the Company for over 8 years.

AIM Dashes & Data Loggers

AIM products are found in the cockpits and dashboards of thousands of racing automobiles globally making the company one of the few true defacto suppliers for data acquisition technology.

Longman Racing Ltd is an approved motorsport dealer for AIM products offering not only AIM products for retail but also in providing high level understanding and support , right through from initial installation to track data analysis.

DC Electronics

DC Electronics have a complete range of standalone electric power-assisted steering systems suitable for all types of applications including race, road, autonomous and marine use.  The systems range from a basic standalone unit which is adjustable via their unique tuning box to fully programmable professional systems for high end motorsport use.

Brett Sims Motorsport

Brett Sims Motorsport has the knowledge and experience necessary to produce race winning cylinder heads, and it takes this hard earned experience to modify cylinder heads to the high standards provided. BSM can re-produce to orignal Longman specs a variety of heads for road, rally or race.