Motorsport Electronics

Longman Racing Ltd specialises in the supply of all types of motorsport electronic components found in modern racing vehicles.

Electronics Expertise

Michael Longman (Company Director) spent just under a decade being employed for OBR Control Systems and was involved in all aspects of the business, from initial product design ideas, right through to production, programming and eventually implementation into customer vehicles. The experienced gained ranged across the whole spectrum from club racers right up to Le Mans prototypes and most in between.

OBR Power Control Modules

Market leading capability and unrivalled current handling in a single unit.

The flagship PCM2 product features 48 dedicated power output channels, ranging from low power (15A) to High power (25A) and Very high power (50A). The unit also featuring a selection of low & high power outputs capable of pulse width modulation.

4 CAN ports, 1 LIN port, 14 Analogue inputs, 12 Digital switch inputs as well as an intuitive and open event based configuration of the unit mean the unit quickly becomes the most flexible in the vehicle.

OBR Membrane Switch Panels

Intelligent, lightweight, striking switch control.

OBR membrane switch panels (MSP) were designed to simplify wiring complexity and add intelligent microprocessor control over a traditional switch panel.

These programmable CAN panels offer improved driver visibility, simplified cockpit layout, increased flexibility and quick error diagnosis.

Panels can handle up to 20 switches with software configurable momentary or latching conditions, 8 programmable values per switch as well as up to 3 optional analogue inputs. All data is exported via the CAN port.  Vehicle connection is via a 5 pin Deutsch ASL Autosport connection.

Panels feature an electroluminescent backlight that can be automatically adjusted via CAN or a designated switch link in the configuration. Panels can also feature UV-florescent inks for button surrounds and labels; developed especially for endurance racing.

LED switch status lights with local or closed loop feedback control provide excellent fault diagnostics and a clear indication of switch status. OBR switch panels can be supplied in almost any customised shape, size or overlay design.

CAN interface modules

Additional flexibility allowing customised electronic solutions.

Longman Racing can offer a variety of CAN modules and expansion units to suit many different applications for example; custom dashboard panels, steering wheels, vehicle sensor expansion hubs, or handle bar controls. Each unit offers a variety of programmable I/O as well as CAN connectivity and simplified wiring.

Motorsport and automotive sensors

High quality, high accuracy and high durability.

The key to a reliable electronic system is reliable data and ultimately it is the sensors which provide those signals.

Longman Racing offers a range of off the shelf motorsport spec sensors for use in conjunction with a wide variety of dataloggers and engine management systems found on the market today.

Temperature, pressure, distance, position, flow, level, mixture and speed are all presented in various packages to suit almost any customer requirement.

Motorsport and automotive wiring

Universal or custom harness cable assemblies.

The wiring should be considered one of the single most important aspects of the vehicle.

Longman Racing can supply a range of pre-assembled universal engine harnesses to suit EFI Technology ECUs.

More complex installations will require a customer specification to be determined according to the application and budget. From then onwards the job will be produced on Longman Racing’s behalf by trusted wiring loom specialists.

AIM dash displays and dataloggers

Compact, mid or large size colour TFT dash loggers for motorsport..

Longman Racing Ltd is pleased to offer the latest range of full colour TFT dash display screens and combined data loggers from AIM Technologies s.r.l.

Each dash logger is designed to acquire and display data coming from the vehicle ECU via CAN bus. The software features a huge selection of pre-defined ECU CAN templates and also the ability to create your own custom CAN import/export, meaning total integration into any system.

Depending on the kit selected, most feature an internal accelerometer and gyro, 4GB memory, GPS mouse, a mixture of analogue / digital inputs as well as predefined math channels as standard.

System performance and data acquisition capability can also be incremented by adding up to eight expansion modules including multiple HD video cameras. The range of 5”, 6” and 7” dash displays have been specifically designed to suit any cockpit installation.

Data analysis is carried out using the extremely capable Race Studio software.

Please contact us for full range.

2D datalogging products and software

Official data supplier to Moto motorcycle championships

Longman Racing Ltd can also supply and assist with datalogging systems and electronic products from 2D Debus & Diebold Meßysteme GmbH.

2D offer a range of dataloggers and CAN bus loggers of the highest quality with analysis via the advanced Race 2018 software. Software from 2D is usually supplied on the basis of a license system and we can assist in providing these directly from 2D.

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